Working With Blueprints in Zoho CRM (Webinar)

This recorded webinar will show you how Blueprints work in Zoho CRM. You will learn what a blueprint is, the building blocks of a blueprint, how to create a blueprint and how a blueprint looks to a user. This webinar was recorded on October 11, 2019.

Workflow and Automation in Zoho CRM

Learn about Zoho CRM workflows and automation in this new webinar recording. This video will explain what a workflow is, basic workflow actions, how to build a workflow, advanced workflow actions and macros. This was recorded on September 19, 2019.

Do it Fast – Set up an Immediate Meeting in Zoho Meeting

The Zoho Meeting integration in Zoho Projects lets you conduct instant online meetings with your team members to collaborate on tasks related to a project. With this integration, you can invite participants and initiate meetings quickly without leaving Zoho Projects. Our expert shows you how!

Zoho Forms to CRM

With the Zoho Forms - Zoho CRM integration, you can automatically push your form data into Zoho CRM modules as soon as someone fills out your form. Here's how!

Using Tags in Zoho CRM

Tags are unique identifiers that can be associated to your CRM records to search, sort, categorize, filter, and segment records in a more efficient way. Let our expert guide you in best practices for this useful feature!

Working with Blueprints in Zoho CRM

A Zoho CRM Blueprint is simply an online replica of a business process. It captures every detail of your entire offline process within the software. It facilitates automation, validation and collaboration of teams, thus making your process more efficient and free from loopholes. Our expert shows you best practices for using Blueprint!

Creating Web Tabs and Tab Groups in Zoho CRM

The different departments in your organization may use different modules (tabs) in Zoho CRM. Tab groups let you organize the tabs available in your Zoho CRM account. You can group the Sales, Marketing, Support and Inventory related tabs and share the tab groups with users of the corresponding profiles in CRM. Let our expert show you how!