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Zoho CRM – Recent Improvements to Mass Email!

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Mass Emailing in CRM just got some really awesome improvements that make the feature so much easier to use.

  1. Access to the Mass Email Wizard – while viewing a list of records
    • Pre-select the Records that you want to send a mass email to, and click the Send Email button (shown at right)
    • or you can still select Mass Email from the more actions menu (…) on the right
  2. New, more user friendly Mass Email Wizard:
    • If records are not pre-selected, you can select them by choosing a view or defining criteria just like before.  If they are pre-selected they are listed in the To column (as shown below)
    • Select your template
    • Select your From address
    • Choose your send options (immediate or schedule for later)
    • **NEW** define follow-up actions based on Open, Click or Bounce!!
    • **NEW** Add follow-up Emails!!

Zoho CRM – Add Subforms and related Lists to Mail Merge Templates

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You can now add Subforms and Related Lists to Mail merge templates in Zoho CRM!  If you have a module in CRM that contains a subform (more info on subforms), you can now display the subform information in a mail merge template. Likewise, modules that have related lists, information from the related lists can now be pulled into mail merge templates as well – here’s how… Read More

Customize Business Hours and Create Shifts in Zoho

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Zoho now supports customizing your business hours, where you can specify different hours for each day.  You can even create Shift hours, in specific time zones and assign to specific Users.  Here’s how:

  • Setup->General->Company Details
  • Select “Business Hours” in the horizontal navigation menu towards the top to open the Business Hours Definition screen
  • Click Custom Hours and set your hours.
  • Click Save

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Linking Emails to Specific Deals in Zoho

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Repeat customers will have multiple Deal records in Zoho.  Zoho now has a feature where it links emails to/fm Contacts to its best guess at the related deal.  If there is more than one Deal open, it will link the email to the deal with the latest modified date.  So what if Zoho guessed wrong?  You can manually unlink an email from one Deal and connect it to another – here’s how…

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Using Connections to invoke the API

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When writing Custom functions in Zoho CRM, there are times that, when we add or update a record in the custom function, we need to trigger existing workflow.  The only way to do this is to use the Zoho API within the custom function when adding/updating the record and set the trigger to workflow.

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