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What is Zoho CRM?

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What is Zoho CRM?Customer relationship management, otherwise known as a CRM, is one of the most helpful tools that any business could use. So, what is CRM software and what is Zoho CRM?  Some people refer to a CRM system as a rolodex on steroids. It’s a one-stop shop where you can keep all of you client’s contact information, organize your business deals, track marketing campaigns, and so much more. Zoho released their CRM software in 2005, and since then has been improving and updating to truly focus on the “relationship” part of customer relationship management. Zoho CRM is widely used across the world due to its low cost, and different software programs that are easily integrated into the main CRM.


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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho Tools

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Getting Your Salespeople to Use Zoho ToolsIn order for your CRM system (whether it’s Zoho or another system), to be successful, your team must be willing to use it. As amazing as Zoho tools might be, it doesn’t help if all or a portion of your team doesn’t use it. Your salespeople might have various reasons as to why they don’t to use it: perhaps they prefer their spreadsheets, the forms are too cumbersome, or they feel the process overall is too slow. In order to ensure your business’s CRM system doesn’t fail due to a lack of use, be sure to try the following:

Keep things simple

Your salespeople may be overwhelmed at first when you bring Zoho tools into the mix for their day-to-day operations. Start off small and only focus on what matters. Don’t have them input too much data and only focus on the data that’s critical. Otherwise, they can become frustrated quickly.

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Zoho Document Management

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Zoho document managementWhen it comes to Zoho document management, Zoho CRM users will generally have two options.

Attachment to a record

The first is as an attachment to a record.  This is the preferred method if the document is related to a specific record and it is needed for reference only.  For example, a home inspector might use Zoho CRM to manage their business, and use the accounts module to store the properties they inspect.  A home inspection report performed on a specific property could then be “attached” to that property record within the account module by opening the record, hovering over attachments in the left gray nav panel, and clicking on the “+” symbol. Once attached, a document can be viewed, downloaded or deleted. Read More

4 Must-Have Zoho App Integrations

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Must-have Zoho app integrationsA cloud-based CRM system, like Zoho, allows for users to integrate some of their favorite third party tools and apps. Whether you’ve just signed up for Zoho or you’re thinking about signing up, you may be wondering what add-ins will help enhance your CRM system the most. We recommend the following as must-have Zoho app integrations:

Data Integration

There are various tools out there that Zoho users can use to automatically read their system’s tables, which can then allow users to write and read information in and out of both systems. With the data integration tools that exist nowadays, you can accomplish almost anything.
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Top 5 CRM Systems For Your Small Business

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Top 5 CRM systems for small businessesIt’s easy to see why CRM systems are so popular amongst businesses. When used the right way, a good CRM system can increase productivity, keep important information more organized, and potentially drive up sales. In a world where data is so important, you may eventually find that a CRM system is one of your most important business investments. You may have made the decision to invest in a CRM system, but you may be overwhelmed with the choices. After all, there are a lot of CRM systems out there to choose from. In our opinion, the following are the top five CRM systems for small businesses currently on the market:

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Zoho Software

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Things to consider before investing in Zoho softwareIf  you’re thinking about investing in a CRM system, such as Zoho software, there’s a lot to consider. After all, Zoho software isn’t necessarily for everyone. It can certainly benefit both large corporations and small businesses if implemented the right way, but not all businesses have a CRM culture. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the company, but it’s important to identify this initially by asking yourself the following three questions to determine if a CRM system is right for you.

Are you resolute?

Although using Zoho software for your company offers many advantages, it can also take a significant amount of work. In order for it to increase productivity, you need useful, complete, and accurate data, or else you don’t get much out of it.

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Keeping Your Business More Organized in 2019 with Zoho One

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Zoho business suiteIt’s a new year, and with each passing day we are reminded of all of those New Year’s resolutions that we have to get started on. As you unwrap those new 2019 planners and get back into the swing of things after a break for the holidays, is there a better time to start to explore the full potential of all of the Zoho business apps that the suite has to offer? The answer is no!

We often find that our small business clients don’t use the Zoho One business suite to its fullest potential, so today we thought that we could highlight some of the Zoho apps that can help you manage projects and contacts, and easily integrate your email into the Zoho One CRM. This may not be a shock to hear, but keeping your business organized can aid in improving client relations, create efficiency in your day-to-day workflow, help you easily track your businesses progress, and maybe even give you some time in your personal life to get cracking on those other resolutions you hoped to get to by the end of 2019. Who knew Zoho One could improve your small business and personal life?

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CRM and Zoho Reporting: 4 Must-Have Reports

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How to use Zoho reportingTo put it simply, a CRM, such as Zoho, is nothing more than a database. With that being said, CRMs have powerful features that can improve sales, service, and marketing effectiveness. But it’s important to take advantage of the reports that are offered through Zoho CRM and other CRM systems. The following are four must-have reports if you’re looking to get the most out of Zoho CRM:

Zoho Issue Reports

Identifying problems is the first step to getting them resolved, which is why these Zoho issue reports are so popular. The problems displayed on these reports could be internal (i.e. a server went down) or external (perhaps there was a customer complaint). Regardless of the details of any issues, it’s important to be aware of them. They are simple reports that provide vital details, such as the type of problem, who’s working on resolving it, notes on any progress, and so on. You can also close out individual issues once they are resolved.

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Top 4 CRM Uses: How to Maximize Your CRM System

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Best CRM UsesIf you recently implemented a CRM system for your business, you likely realize that you’ve made an investment. You want to make sure you’re spending your company’s money wisely, so how can you be sure you’ve made a solid investment by spending money on a CRM platform? We explore some of the top CRM uses and ways you can turn your CRM into a money-making machine.

Don’t underestimate the importance of data

At its core, your CRM is a database. It’s important that the data you’re collecting is correct, nothing is missing, and that it’s regularly updated. The right data is a powerful tool, and can allow you to go after customers with unique needs, target specific segments, and so on.

Steps to take:  Have someone within your organization be in charge of your database, and be sure to provide that individual with the support and training they need to master the system.

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CRM Systems for Small Businesses, Plus Other Technologies

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CRM systems for small businesses can improve efficencyThese days, there is an abundance of technology, such as CRM systems for small businesses, that can help you run your company more efficiently. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, so in the meantime, be sure to just focus on these five popular small business technologies:

CRM systems

One of the best tools you can get for your sales and marketing staff is a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which is used for sales, marketing, and service management. Usually cloud-based, these databases include all the information you need to keep information organized and to run your small business. This includes information about vendors, customers, prospects, and so on. CRM systems for small businesses are a great tool for ensuring everyone in your organization is on the same page and that nothing important ever slips through the cracks.

Top choices include Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, Insightly and Sugar.

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